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2012 Write Nola Festival

The 2012 Write Nola Festival was awesome. Our local poets were simply amazing, and we were happy to see some of our favorites like L Edwards, Jamal D, Blessit and so many others make the trip this year! We also broadened the stage to welcome new family from around the country, such as Ed Mabrey, Mike Guinn, and Joe Brundidge. The brothers were all amazing. Next year: the Sisters are coming HARDER. LOL {S/N My DAD and my BROTHER came through…highlight of my whole weekend!!}

The Write, NOLA! Awards, presented as part of the culminating Showcase, were just spectacular. You couldn’t ask for a better feeling, to watch the winners and nominees celebrated by community. I could go on and on…next year is only going to get better. As executive director of WordPlay New Orleans (the producers of Write, NOLA!) I am looking forward to expanding our team…because as executive director of ME (LOL), I want to make sure I’m honoring MY need to write, grow, learn, and develop as an artist. So, if you’re in to help next year, my poetry thanks you. 🙂

SpeakEasy Sundays at Club Caribbean: 

I’ll be co-hosting this show when I can with brother Lionel King. Club Caribbean is located 2441 Bayou Rd. in New Orleans. Doors open at 7. Show starts at 8pm. $5 before 8pm and $7 after 8pm. I love still being able to be a part of the local scene as things grow. I never want to get disconnected from home. Plus, I love our poetry community!

NOW PLAYING: “Shotgun” by Asia Rainey


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